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About Us

Academic departments in six colleges contribute to water research, education, and extension at Utah State. Each department grants its own degrees and has its own acceptance and graduation requirements. The Utah State Water Initiative works to facilitate collaborative research and to foster a collegial interdisciplinary community of water scholars.

Utah State University supports a broad community of Students and Faculty engaged in Water Education, Research and Outreach. The USU Water Initiative provides an overarching umbrella for the activities of this community aimed at fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and collegial sharing of ideas related to water across the departments and colleges of Utah State University. USU Water Initiative seminars, as well as water related seminars in a number of colleges and departments occur on a regular basis. The Spring Runoff Conference, so named because it is held at the end of winter and in anticipation of spring’s runoff season – a time of anticipation and excitement in hydrology, provides another opportunity for the sharing of ideas and scholarly debate.

The USU Water Initiative emerged from a task force appointed by the University President in Fall 2002 charged with recommending ways to strengthen water programs at USU that take advantage of the diversity and breadth of water activities at USU. The task force included representatives from the six colleges involved in water-related activity (Agriculture, Business, Engineering, HASS, Natural Resources, and Science) and from many academic departments.

Following receipt of the Water Initiative Task Force report, seed funding was provided to the Water Initiative and this funding is supporting the current activities of the Water Initiative.